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[ South African electroacoustic artist, mandolin player, teacher, visual artist, writer ]

NEW OLD OLD NEW: Turntablebowsaxomandolinfridgeaxembira (for windows?)

Recent: New Old Old New at the Pan African Space Station festival

This South African based project aims to inspire the invention of new sound instruments. It should interest musicians, composers, builders, inventors, designers and enthusiastic dabblers in sound.

'New Old Old New' refers to ideas which draw inspiration and knowledge from the past, in this case traditional African music making, but are also influenced by the most current in sound technology and experimental music performance.

In South Africa there is very little research and development into new generation tools for musicians and music producers. This initiative aims to inspire new ways of making sound and, as a long term goal, to promote an SA industry capable of offering unique sound tools to the rest of the world.

Conventional instrument resources are limited in Southern Africa and are largely dependent on imported supplies, so much of this project's ethos is based on working with the available - the concepts and materials used for traditional instruments.

I'm hoping that peer collaboration working within an Open Design framework will become the engine behind this project. Open sharing of knowledge whilst not always possible at the production stage of a product, can be invaluable as a way of boosting the incubation period of a new technology ( Peter B Mayer did some very interesting research in this area).

>> Data base To kickstart the process of knowledge sharing I've started a data base of people who are promoting innovative sound related research and design in SA and internationally. Anyone I should add?
I've also included links to relevant research.

>> My Thoughts I've created an open document stating my ideas. Some are ambitious and perhaps a little quirky, so please feel free to contact me with suggestions.


South African designer
Murray Kuun reconsiders the ergonomic design of traditional instruments by referencing the OLD and the NEW.

kuun e-violin

Innovative Instrument design in other countries

The Australians are streets ahead. Clatterbox documents some of the best in instrument innovation.

The Guthman Musical Instrument competition. See the 2010 submissions.

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