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[ South African electroacoustic artist, mandolin player, teacher, visual artist, writer ]

VEGA Showcase "Nerve to Pause"
Documentation of an installation created at Vega, the Brand Communications School as part of their annual (Cape Town) student showcase.

The installation was workshopped with 5 students, who designed and built the installation. The brief was "Nerve to Pause" i.e. the willingness to stop and consider.

We used the entrance to the showcase (Vega reception), and without removing any of the existing objects (sofas etc), we filled the space with structure and sound. We wanted to 'disturb or 'invade' a banal space.

Our basic building blocks consisted of cardboard tubes (offcuts from a factory in Epping) and sounds derived from noises in the reception space (fax machine, answering machine etc).
Recording of Installation Sounds

Individual students were made responsible for aspects of the installation e.g. recording, editing, speaker construction etc.
Sound was played back using purpose built 'listening' tubes (tubes containing speakers). In the darkened room, listeners were drawn firefly - like to each tube through the use of hidden light emitting diodes (led's) and sound responsive uv lighting.

The 1st year team:
Chris Auret, Simon Kholer, Paul Joannou,
Phillip Erasmus, Talya Wortman.